Really REAL – How I Got Here

Graphic design was not something I woke up and decided to do when I was 20. Over the years of training, projects, clients, and jobs I have realized that I was a human designed to do this! This isn’t just my job, it’s my passion and my pleasure to take an idea and turn it into something tangible that builds momentum and captures audiences!

From the teachers who didn’t want me to doodle on my homework to the big city billboards that always caught my eye, I appreciate every single experience in my life. As a youngster, I didn’t see how I could possibly turn my doodling into a career so I went to college for business. Then went on find jobs in the communication field for several years working for wireless service providers,selling cell phones. Quickly that lull one finds when they just know they aren’t on the right path hit me. I quit the 9-5 and set out to find a way to mix my love of business with my love of art, design, and photography.

One college degree in Marketing and Design and I had accomplished what I had set out to do… turn my passions into a new career path. The first job I landed was working for a vinyl advertising shop, creating and producing vinyl vehicle wraps. It was in this shop that I found my niche creating identity and print designs.

After a few years of working in sign shops, I was able to set out on my own. It was through online freelancing sites that I found my first handful of steady clients and was able to start contracting from home while taking care of my young family. REAL Creative Design Studio was born in November 2009.

REAL is an anagram for my family, which above all are the reason I chose to set out to work on my own and with my community. REAL stands for Rich, Erin, Aidan, and Liam. My husband, self, and two sons!

It’s my business and pleasure to make sure I take care of my world and community by being a creative eye and ear. It is within us that we have the power to change our world! Why not start now?

Contact me today about your next idea!

~Erin Keller