Finding the Motivation

Starting a new venture or project can be overwhelming. It’s easy to fall into the trap of becoming so stressed out about something that we talk ourselves out of some great ideas! Here are some of my best tips and tricks for making ideas become reality:

1. Take it slow – 

When a new idea comes to mind grab an empty journal and start writing those ideas down. Take the time to do some research about the subject. Google can be a really great free resource for information and inspiration! When you can answer the who, what, where, why, and hows then it’s time to take that idea to the next level!

2. Spend time working towards your goals daily –

Even if all you do is some research, write down a few thoughts and take 20 minutes to contemplate what steps you need to take next to manifest this idea into a reality! Use that journal!

3. Be Optimistic About the Outcome

For a project or venture to be successful it needs to be approached with a positive attitude. The more fun and exciting you make this, the more you will want to do it! Look forward to that time you get to spend working on it every day!

If you find yourself starting down the road of negativity take a moment to breathe and readjust! If it starts to become stressful then take a break for today! I find this is a good time to go back to doing some research or just take a mental break until I am ready to focus again.

4. Breathe

It’s as simple as that. Find a quiet place to sit and take 4 deep breathes in and then 4 out. Clearing your mind creates space for creativity. You will find the capacity to solve challenges that face you here. Start and end each session with a few deep breathes to help clear space in your brain!

5. Go Outside 

Take a walk and spend some time in a natural environment. The father away from artificial lights and electronics the better. Inspiration can come in many forms. Take notice of the things happening around you. Take your shoes off and ground yourself for a while as well. Feeling the earth beneath your feet feels amazing if you spend too much time in an office like I do.

A few years ago I started vegetable farming and running a small farmer’s market booth on the weekends with my family. This has not only given me some great healthy space away from my work area, but has also given me the opportunity to meet people in my community that normally I would not run into. When I find myself lacking motivation to be creative inside, I love to tend my dirt and play some baseball outside with my kids!

6. Network, Network, Network

Social media is fantastic! Post your progress updates, reach out to friends and family who are knowledgeable and ask questions! Don’t isolate yourself! It helps to keep yourself accountable as well as find outlets to help with your project or venture along the way!

Remember, ideas are great, but it’s all about what you do with that idea in the end!

If you need help find inspiration or motivation to finish your next project you can reach me by email anytime at Let’s talk it out and see what we can do to help you get over that hurdle!

~Erin, REAL Creative Design Studio


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